Kerstin Heinze-Grohmann „Mann und Frau“ (Spreewald, Deutschland lebt in der Schweiz),

Unlimited Hearts- an artistic-cultural integration program

A stormy Wednesday in October 2018 in a cafe in Istanbul. During a vivid conversation, resulting from the longing of overcoming cultural barriers, the idea of ‘Unlimited Hearts‘ was born. Now we are introducing our artistic- cultural integration program under that same name.

Unlimited Hearts- the idea comes from the heart.

We live in a time of extreme turmoil. Climate change, globalisation, digitization or migration, are only a few aspects, which cause insecurity in a world that is getting increasingly complex. In the western world populism is spreading. Core values of coexistence are put in question. Our speech is becoming more brutalised. Debates are held predominantly undifferentiated, if not, infected with hate.
We intend to encounter this development with an artistic ease, with pencil and paint, with heart and compassion.

We are asking for your artistic contribution.

In line with our slogan ‘Give us your personally designed heart for the world’, we will together create a global work of art, which will be published in a digital art gallery, as well as analogous, in all participating countries (wherever possible).

This form of art creates and accepts diversity, instead of emphasising on differences. It enables us to dive into a reality, away from manifested ideas and facts.

There are no limits to your imagination

‘Unlimited Hearts’ serves as a vessel for your freely chosen artistic interpretation on this subject. What, for example, touches your heart, in respect to you and the people on this planet? What images, feelings or questions come up?
Your realisation of this project may be abstract, as well as detailed. You could knit, hammer or glue. Chose your own format, technique or medium.
You could also work in groups. Does this sound appealing to you? Then join in!
We invite all humans on this earth, young , old , small and big artists. You think you don’t know how to paint?  Then you are exactly right here. Everyone is an artist. Just have a look into our gallery. ‘Unlimited Hearts’ is interested in art without boundaries or social judgement. First works are already in work in Istanbul, Hamburg, Berlin, Wuppertal, Tokyo, Paris, Kabul, Beirut and Damascus.

You still have questions?
If you are working on your project as part of a workshop, then simply contact your workshop leader. Or write directly to post@unlimitedhearts.online. We answer your questions and support you in the realization of your artwork.
This is how your pictures get into the ‘Unlimited Hearts’ gallery

Take a photograph of your work of art, or simply scan it and send it to: post@unlimitedhearts.online